Oakland TN Excavating Contractors & Graders

When it comes to choosing a dirt work company for your construction site or residential property needs, consider your go-to, one-stop shop in the Oakland, TN area: Southern Dirt & Land! We offer a wide range of services that are sure to meet all your land improvement and construction needs! 

Comprehensive Land Services

Excavation & Grading Services

Southern Dirt & Land is known in the local area for our skilled excavation. We excel at digging and removing soil to create spaces for construction, landscaping, building projects, and more! Our grading contractors are extremely proficient in local Oakland soil, grading to the perfect angle to ensure proper drainage and stable foundations.

Culvert & Landscape Drainage Installation

Oakland, TN faces its fair share of inclement weather which means it’s vital to install culverts and other drainage systems to manage water runoff, prevent erosion, and avoid water-related damage to properties. Southern Dirt & Land offers a variety of drainage solutions to protect your investment!

Brush Clearance & Removal

If you’re in the initial stages of a DIY land improvement project or are just beginning a construction site, it’s vital to have complete clearing of vegetation like bushes, shrubs, tree stumps, and so forth. Preparing land for building, improving appearance, and removing fire hazards from your acreage is what we do best! 

Professional Sod Installation

Have you been seeking an instant, lush lawn appearance? Have sod installed by our pros and save valuable time compared to growing grass from seed. Your lawn will soon be the talk of the town!

Retaining Wall Construction

If you have sloped land, building a retaining wall can prevent soil erosion and create leveled areas to turn your acreage into usable property. Retaining walls are also useful in dividing outdoor areas and adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living spaces.

Demolition & Junk Removal

Tired of looking at your old shed in the corner of your lot? Starting on a new building project and need to create space? Have a pile of unwanted junk that needs to be removed? Southern Dirt & Land can address all of those needs with our reliable and efficient demolition and construction debris clearing services. 

Gravel Driveway Installation

One of the most durable and cost-effective alternatives to paved driveways is to install a gravel driveway. Southern Dirt & Land can grade and install your gravel driveway with precision and expertise, improving your road’s drainage and enhancing your property’s accessibility and appearance.

House Pads & Mobile Home Pad Construction

Every good building project starts with a strong foundation. Southern Dirt & Land can help you prepare a flat, stable area for home building or mobile home installation. Our skilled home pad preparation for homeowners and construction managers alike ensures the stability and longevity of your structures.

Why Choose Southern Dirt & Land for Your Construction Needs?

All it takes is to get one experienced, local team to handle all aspects of your construction site preparation or home building DIY project. Southern Dirt & Land offers a wide range of land services in Oakland, TN to ensure that you can avoid hiring multiple contractors. Instead, we can take care of everything you need to set your project up for success. Our expertise, efficiency, and local knowledge lead to comprehensive and personalized solutions. Plus, all of our work is licensed and certified, so your final product is always guaranteed. Contact us today and team up for success!