About Us

Southern Dirt and Land began with a big passion for land and the small seed of a dream. As a local Tennessee native, Teyton grew up watching his community carefully cultivating their precious land, which was no small feat! Tennessee residents consistently successfully managed large acreage properties filled with drainage and soil issues, grading problems, and vegetation that quickly overtook every square inch of land. The skill, dedication, and perseverance of his neighbors and community inspired Teyton to seek a profession where he could work with the land, as well as develop methods to improve the landscape efficiently and effectively.

After graduating from Mississippi State University with a Building Construction Science degree, Teyton began his journey into the professional land and construction world. As time passed, Teyton began to broaden his work expertise and skills. As his knowledge and experience expanded, Teyton knew he wanted to bring those talents back to his home turf with his very own company. This all became a reality with the formation of Southern Dirt and Land. 

Today, Southern Dirt and Land transforms properties from the unmanageable into the beautiful with the right equipment and a skilled team. The team is committed to exceeding the expectations of their clients and delivering quality results. Southern Dirt and Land is proud to be a leading provider of excavation, grading, and land services in Tennessee.