Excavation & Dirt Work Contractors Collierville, TN

If you’re undertaking any construction or landscaping project, grading and excavation are essential processes in laying the foundation for your project’s success. These first steps of construction create a firm foundation for landscaping or building that will withstand the test of time and continue to be safe and stable for years to come. And this is exactly where Southern Dirt & Land excels, proudly offering the community of Collierville, TN excavation and grading services that are second to none!

When it comes to building a strong foundation, Southern Dirt & Land excels. We have spent decades perfecting our skills in dirt work and our workmanship illustrates our expertise. Our services do not stop at grading and excavation! We also offer sod laying, gravel driveway installation, demolition and removal, brush clearing, house pad construction, mobile home pad construction, junk removal, and so much more! 

Why are Excavation & Grading Important?

Dirt excavation and grading are essential for various construction projects and for landscaping projects. The primary role of dirt work is to stabilize the soil for building, remove debris, grade for proper drainage, prevent erosion, and create desired landscaping. Our process at Southern Dirt & Land most often begins with an initial site assessment, determining the necessary process for your specific project. Then we roll in the equipment to do the heavy lifting, and begin removing unwanted materials, and moving and removing excess soil. After the initial excavation, compaction, grading and sloping are accomplished to level the land and create the desired slope and elevation. Grading not only ensures a level and solid building site, but it is also the way through which proper drainage and erosion control are achieved. 

Best Excavation Company Collierville, TN

We get a lot of questions about the benefits of using a professional excavation contractor. Excavation and grading require a high level of experience and expertise to properly create a strong foundation for building and for properly creating landscaping contours. A professional excavation company in Collierville, TN and beyond will also be well-versed in local regulations and building codes, ensuring your project will start with a durable foundation that adheres to building code.

Southern Dirt & Land uses a tried and true process to ensure that your project goes smoothly, is completed on time, and is finished with the highest quality workmanship. Any successful excavation process must begin with an in-depth initial assessment to determine potential obstacles, address soil stability, and analyze compaction capacity. Conducting this assessment ensures that our team at Southern Dirt & Land will give you an accurate quote, have a viable plan for the project, and will be completed in the stated time frame. We begin with a site analysis to plan for challenges that will require navigation, such as uneven or hilly terrain, steep slopes, waterways, vegetation, and existing structures. Next, we evaluate the soil characteristics and composition to determine its load-bearing capacity, determine how well it will settle after compaction, and identify unsuitable soil that needs to be removed and replaced. From here we create a plan for the excavation and grading project, ensuring we address all the challenges. Our only objective is to create a final product that will be durable and stable with the correct slope, elevation, and compaction. 

Contact us at Southern Dirt & Land for all your excavation and grading needs in Collierville, TN and surrounding areas! We’re here to provide a free quote anytime!