Excavation & Demolition Contractors in Lakeland, TN 

When you’re searching for a reliable partner for excavation, grading, drainage, demolition, clearing, or other land needs in Lakeland, Tennessee, consider Southern Dirt & Land. Whether you’re considering a new backyard construction project, landscaping, or site development, our skilled team is ready to assist you! We have decades of experience and offer a wide range of land services designed to meet your project’s requirements. Our stellar reputation has been earned by quality work, timely project completion, and excellent customer service, and we’d like the opportunity to show you what Southern Dirt & Land is all about!

Memphis Demolition Company 

Contact us at Southern Dirt & Land for our demolition and junk removal services. We’ll happily help you get rid of unsightly and dangerous old structures and pave the way for a brand new vision! Our team conducts all our demo projects with timeliness and accuracy, leaving your property completely clean and clear of any debris.

Sod Installation Services

Planning ahead for next summer? Southern Dirt & Land can help with our professional sod installation in Lakeland, TN. We carefully take into account the full scope of your project, ensuring your soil is properly prepared, the sod is carefully selected for quality, and proper installation techniques are utilized to create a lush and vibrant lawn. Whether you want a new lawn put in or want an existing lawn revitalized, Southern Dirt & Land is the team for the task. 

Land Clearing Services Lakeland, TN

Southern Dirt & Land has the skills, equipment, and experience for thorough brush clearance and removal. Clearing your land of overgrown vegetation enables you to utilize the space for other purposes or simply turn it into a well-maintained property. We take care of removing all unwanted vegetation and disposing of it all so that you can reclaim your land! Our team takes care to clear your land with precision, ensuring you’re left with a more usable, open space. 

Landscape & Backyard Drainage Solutions

As Tennessee locals, we understand how damaging the weather can be on your property. Not having the proper drainage systems in place can wreak havoc on your yard and structures, risking erosion and foundation issues. Our culvert and landscape drainage solutions in Lakeland, TN ensure proper water management on your property. You can count on our team to clear up poor drainage, leaving your property protected with efficient drainage!

Retaining Wall Contractor Lakeland, Tennessee

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your backyard or require an erosion solution, adding retaining walls may be just what you need. Retaining walls can help reduce erosion by holding back certain areas of sloped land and can also create a visually appealing backyard. With a well-placed retaining wall, you can divide areas of your yard, create various levels, and complement your overall landscape design. With a retaining wall, you can carve out a quiet reading nook, designate a garden space, or line pathways. Southern Dirt & Land builds long-lasting, beautiful retaining walls that add to the look of your yard while serving a vital function by reducing erosion.

Southern Dirt & Land’s many services don’t end there! We also offer:

  • Excavation & grading services in Lakeland, TN
  • Gravel driveway installation
  • House pad construction
  • Mobile home pads
  • Custom land projects

Give Southern Dirt & Land a call today and get our experienced team started on your next project!