Lot Clearing Services Memphis, TN

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean up your property or you’re a developer planning to begin a building project, the first step in the process is to clear the land. In Memphis, TN and surrounding areas, the team to rely on for these vital first steps is Southern Dirt & Land!

Our lot and land clearing services are comprehensive, taking into account every aspect that we’ll need to undertake for the successful clearing of your land. From initial brush cutting and bush hogging to final tree trimming and clean up, you can count on us for efficient and affordable lot clearing

Tree Removal Services Near Me

Land clearing often requires much more than the simple task of cutting down bushes and weed-eating. Most land clearing requires extensive tree and brush removal. Southern Dirt & Land can clear all your unwanted underbrush and invasive vegetation and shrubbery as well as trees. We clear the trees and even employ stump grinding to leave behind a clear, usable surface with no large intrusions. Then, with our junk removal services, we take care of any excess debris that was left behind such as rocks, old structures, junk, stumps, branches, bushes, and more. Lastly, we smooth and roughly level the remaining land to ensure that your lot is completely ready for the next project! 

Forestry Mulching

Some projects may call for forestry mulching as we clear your lot. This involves using a chipper as we fell trees or cut branches, turning large wood chunks into smaller pieces for removal or usable mulch. 

Best Company for Lot & Land Clearing Memphis, TN

The Southern Dirt & Land team is well-versed in land clearing and we employ the most effective techniques to ensure the job is done right. We understand that every project is unique and we approach clearing land with that in mind. Our experts carefully assess the site first, determining the time and equipment the project will require so that once we get started, your residential lot, commercial site, or large land tract will be cleared effectively and efficiently. With our honed expertise, we can often foresee the potential issues that may arise on your specific project and we account for those curveballs in our overall plan. That way, you can rest assured that when we give you our estimated timeline and lot clearing cost, you’re getting an accurate assessment of what to expect. 

Southern Dirt & Land is also committed to quality work and safety for the scope of the project. We ensure that your land clearing project is completed with careful attention to detail so that the final outcome is exactly as you expected. We utilize the proper tools for the task, from bulldozers and excavators to mulchers and chippers, to help us complete your project on time and within budget. If you are in need of a reliable contractor for land clearing in Memphis, TN and beyond, give Southern Dirt & Land a call now! We’ll provide a free estimate for our services and leave you with a precisely cleared and cleaned lot!