Excavation, Grading, and Lot Clearing Services Olive Branch, TN 

When it comes time to undertake any new construction project, it’s vitally important to properly prepare the way, whether you’re a DIY homeowner or professional contractor. Clearing the lot or land, excavating, and grading are common elements associated with most construction site preparations. Setting up your site for success with the services of a professional means that you can rest easy, knowing the foundation on which you will build is secure and sound. The experienced team that is ready to take on your site preparation is Southern Dirt & Land. We excel at preparing the foundation of your construction site so that it will withstand the years to come!

Our expertise and experience results in a customized clearing, excavation, and grading process that meets all local regulations, environmental considerations, and site requirements. We utilize our specialized equipment that even the most seasoned contractors may not have access to, which ensures a superior final product. Plus, our site foreman ensures the entire project proceeds in compliance with laws and safety protocols for the protection of everyone involved.

Affordable Land Clearing Services Near Me

What is the main purpose of clearing a plot of land? There are various reasons that our clients call in our team to clear lots and land in Olive Branch, TN. Sometimes, it is simply to keep the brush and trees at bay and reduce fire hazards. In other cases, the land is being cleared to make it more usable for the property owner. Most often, the land is cleared for construction. Any potential site for building of any kind must first be cleared of brush, shrubs, trees, stumps, large rocks and boulders, old structures, as well as debris or waste. This creates a cleared and usable space that is commonly then excavated and/or graded.

Excavation & Grading Services Olive Branch, TN

Depending on the needs of the site, dirt work may then begin. Anytime excavation is required, proper equipment, safety protocols, and experience come into play and Southern Dirt and Land is the team for the task! Whether excavation is called for or not, having a professional grader finish up the land is crucial for proper drainage, slope, and meeting Tennessee building code. Our precise grading process is a tried-and-true method of ensuring your site is properly graded and is solid enough to build a strong structural foundation. Our finished grading projects deliver on quality and precision, so you can rely on Southern Dirt & Land to get the job done right.

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Southern Dirt & Land is committed to understanding your goals and translating that into a properly prepared site. From lot clearing and grading, as well as any surface that requires moving dirt to complete your building site’s preparation, you can rely on the experts at Southern Dirt & Land.  Whether you’re building a new home, working on a commercial construction project, creating a beautiful outdoor living space in your backyard, preparing land for farming or agriculture, or simply searching to improve the aesthetics and safety of your property, we can help! Contact us today for a free estimate