Best Retaining Wall Contractors Memphis, TN

Are you looking for a reliable and reputable contractor to help with your retaining wall installation? If you’re in the Tennessee area, there’s no better choice than Southern Dirt & Land. We have years of experience in building retaining walls for commercial properties and homes in and around Memphis. We stand behind our guarantee that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our expertise in retaining wall construction means we will assess your needs, provide a free estimate, and complete the construction you require with skill and precision. 

If you’re looking to add a retaining wall to your property, it’s important to know the various types of retaining walls available and how they work for different purposes. Our team at Southern Dirt & Land has extensive experience working with all types of retaining walls and we are here to help you decide which is best for your particular project.

Landscaping & Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining walls are an important part of any property to keep soil, water, and other debris from eroding, discreetly dividing areas of your outdoor spaces or creating different levels within your landscape. 

At Southern Dirt & Land we get a lot of questions about retaining walls such as, “What is the most cost-effective retaining wall?” And, “What type of retaining wall lasts the longest?” Many of our commonly asked questions revolve around sloped backyards and how to convert hillsides into functional spaces with the help of retaining walls. So let’s dive into the types of retaining walls that might work for your landscaping needs.

Gravity Walls

Gravity walls are one of the most common types of retaining walls, as they use weight and mass to stop erosion. They are constructed with concrete blocks, bricks, pavers, or dry-stacked stone stacked in layers. This type of wall is ideal for those who don’t need extra reinforcement or structural support. If the wall is taller and requires further support, a concrete footer will be added as the base which will be placed in a small trench. Gravity walls are consistently used in backyards and other residential landscaping applications.

Sheet Piling Walls

Sheet piling walls are constructed using interlocking sections of steel, wood, or vinyl that are secured directly into softer soils with specialized equipment. These retaining walls have vertical reinforcement for strength and rigidity and offer high tensile strength, making them a popular choice for retaining wall construction projects in Tennessee. Sheet piling walls are ideal for projects where there is a steep angle, an abundance of soil to be retained, or to divide two different ground levels.

Cantilever Walls

Cantilever walls are stronger than gravity walls due to the additional reinforcement of steel bars running through the wall, as well as a slab foundation which helps prevent shifting. The foundation serves as an anchor by which to secure the steel reinforcement vertically, providing even further strength. Cantilever walls are ideal for commercial properties due to their stability and durability.

Anchored Walls

Anchored walls are a method of providing additional support for any type of retaining wall. Using cables or rods anchored into the ground, and locked in place with pressurized concrete or mechanical pressure, these walls offer additional stability and support against lateral pressure. Anchored walls are ideal for landscapes where soil conditions may be unstable or prone to movement, and where higher loads are expected. 

Residential & Commercial Retaining Wall Contractors Memphis, TN

There are many contractors out there offering retaining wall construction services but none compare to what Southern Dirt & Land offers our clients in Tennessee. We provide top-quality materials, experienced contractors, and unbeatable customer service every step of the way. We are your go-to block retaining wall contractor, wood retaining wall contractor, concrete retaining wall contractor, or any other type of retaining wall you may need. 

Our team understands that each project is unique, requiring its own solution, so we work closely with you to ensure successful completion within budget and time constraints. We strive to exceed expectations with every wall we build. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your vision for your next big project!